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Here's what I've worked on at Silicon Graphics:

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These pages were produced using Silicon Graphics CosmoCreate software on the Silicon Graphics O2 workstation at my desk. The O2 system includes a MIPS R5000SC-200MHz CPU, 128MB RAM, 9.6 GB of hard disk storage, including 3.6GB in a 3-way striped XFS/XLV disk array. Everything in CosmoCreate is WYSIWYG, drag and drop and really easy to use, even down to creating frames (which I've chosen not to use on these pages). I use Netscape Communicator v4.x for a browser on a high resolution 24bit True-color display, I'd like to know if there are any problems with any other browsers. This web site is served from http://reality.sgi.com/ an employee home page and community service web server provided by Silicon Graphics.

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