Larger Mirrors

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Larger Side Mirrors:

side mirrorI never really was satisfied with the stock side mirrors. They are too small and too close to the side of the vehicle, limiting rear visibility. With my Caddy Shack installed, visibility is at a premium. I tried using a slightly larger aftermarket mirror but it didn't hold up very well. Then I found the pictured mirror but needed a way to mount it.

As you can see in the image, I used a piece of galvanized sheet metal bent to fit the door contour. Two screws attach the top to the factory mirror mounting holes and then beneath the mirror base, I used two threaded inserts (1/4"x20) into the door panel. The mirror bolts go through the base, the sheet metal and into the threaded inserts. Seems to make a very solid mount and the extra mirror size allows the addition of convex mirrors to the outer corner of the passenger side mirror further improving visibility.


1    Galvanized sheet metal, 6" x 12"   $ 2
4    RivNuts                              2
Misc Assorted screws, nuts and bolts      4
2    Side mirrors                        20
Total                                   $28


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