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Insure tool to debug c++

Insure++ 4.1

Release Notes

Insure++4.1 Updates 11/23/98

1. Notes for HP-UX11.0:

  • Gcc is supported with the "Insure++.symbol_table off" option.

  • All 64-bit modes are also supported with "Insure++.symbol_table off".

  • All GUIs (except Inuse) support 64-bit mode.

  • LRT (i.e., "Insure++.interface_preference tql") mode does not work in 64-bit mode in HP11.

  • POSIX Thread Draft 10 (pthread) for 32-bit mode is now supported.

  • The option "-Wl,-a,archive" is not supported since "libc.a" is brain-dead (shl_load, shl_findsym, and shl_unload" symbols are left unsatisfied).

  • The "Insure++.static_linking on" option is not supported.

Insure++4.0 -> Insure++4.1

  1. Faster, Better Parser, including full egcs 2.9.0/g++ 2.8.0 support

  2. Faster, Better Runtime

  3. Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  4. New Suppressions for Insra w/ Insure (to match our CodeWizard product)

    • Users can now insert, modify, delete, save, and add comments to suppression options for Insure++ messages.

  5. Generally improved functionality for Insra, including:

    • suppressions across different view modes, automatic duplicate
    • error suppression for CodeWizard, etc.

  6. Ability to add comments to suppressions

  7. More customization options, including:

    • insra.viewmode [by_error|by_file|by_time|off|tool] Specifies initial view mode (i.e. order in which error messages are displayed).
    • format_alias char * CString Supports classes which imitate other built-in types for convenience in functions like printf.
    • format_suppress llx Suppresses error messages from Insure++ about bad format strings (to printf, etc.) which are not actually bad but use non-standard format specifications.

  8. New "AutoReports" option for Inuse

  9. Digital Unix 4.0d support (alpha4)

  10. AIX 4.3 support

  11. Supports the installation of Insure++ in the same directory for different versions of the AIX operating system. That is, Insure++ for AIX 4.1.3, AIX 4.2.1 and AIX 4.3 can all coexist in the "/usr/local/Parasoft" directory. For example, install the distribution on one version of the OS, then login and execute the following on each of the other OS versions:
                cd /usr/local/parasoft
                cp .install.aix4/configure.
                ./configure aixlibs
  12. On AIX 4.3, if your DISPLAY is not the console and you are getting the "Error: Can't open display: host_name:0" message, you need to reset your DISPLAY environment variable to the numeric IP address of the display host, e.g.
              setenv DISPLAY

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