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Insure tool to debug c++

Insure++ 5.x for Windows NT/95/98/2000

Release Notes for Insure++ 5.x

The following features and fixes are new to Insure++ 5.x:
  • Intermediate code instrumentation - an alternative instrumentation mode to source code instrumentation. It is generally not as thorough as source code instrumentation, but intermediate code instrumentation does find overflows, uninitialized variables and pointers, and performs coverage. The main advantage of intermediate code is that the build time is much faster than source code instrumentation. (Config page of InsurePanel)
  • Symbolstrategy API. This is a new method of reading symbol table for improved runtime performance. See the Config page of InsurePanel.
  • Support for Windows NT Terminal Server
  • Improved support for COM objects and NT services.
    Machine-specific options in addition to user-specific options (General page of InsurePanel).
    Easy access to Image File Execution Options (Advanced Page of InsurePanel).
  • Improved parser
  • General bug fixes
The following features and fixes are new to Patch Level 02/09/99 - P1:
  • Fix for DevStudio thinking that object files are out of date on when some projects are built with intermediate code instrumentation.
  • Fix for instrtempdir option
  • Fix for uninstallation leaving Insure++ toolbar.
  • Fix for runtime access violation caused by certain cases of intermediate code instrumentation
  • Fix for runtime access violation caused by symbol table reading
  • Upon encountering unhandled access violation, replace silent failure with catching access violation and reporting it
  • Improved diagnostics for licensing problems
  • demangle off (fix for obscure runtime problem)
Insure++ 5.x Readme

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