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Introducing the Solstice AdminSuite Product

The Solstice AdminSuite 2.3 unbundled product provides a suite of graphical user interface tools and commands that you can use to perform system administration tasks. Solstice AdminSuite is included as part of the Solaris Server Intranet Extension 1.0 CD-ROM that is shipped with each SMCC server. The following information is provided to help you evaluate whether the Solstice AdminSuite product is useful in your system administration environment.

The Solstice AdminSuite software enables you to locally or remotely manage:

  Important system database files, such as aliases and hosts
  User accounts and groups
  File systems
  Disk slices and fdisk partitions
  Terminals and modems
  Diskless and dataless clients
  AutoClient systems
  Stand-alone systems

The Solstice AdminSuite software to perform system administration benefits you in the following ways:

  Using the tools and commands is faster than using numerous Solaris commands to perform the same tasks.
  System files are updated automatically without the risk of making errors by editing important system files manually.
  You can manage systems remotely from one system.

Table 1-11 lists the Solstice AdminSuite tools that run under an X Window System, such as the OpenWindows environment.

Table 1-11 Solstice AdminSuite Tools

AdminSuite Tool Description
Host Manager Use to manage system information and server support for AutoClient and stand-alone systems, diskless and dataless clients, and JavaStations.
Group Manager Use to manage UNIX group information.
User Manager Use to manage user account information.
Serial Port Manager Use to manage serial port software for terminals and modems.
Printer Manager Use to manage printer software for print servers and clients.
Database Manager Use to manage network-related system files such as aliases and hosts.
Storage Manager (comprising of Disk Manager and File System Manager) Use to manage disk slices and fdisk partitions on a single disk or a group of equivalent disks (Disk Manager) and file systems for a server or for a group of clients on a server (File System Manager).

Because the Solstice AdminSuite product is unbundled, describing how to use the AdminSuite tools is beyond the scope of this book. For more information on obtaining Solstice AdminSuite, contact your Sun Microsystems sales representative or visit Sun's Web site at and click on the Products & Solutions link.

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