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File Content Type

The file content type tells the LP print service what types of files you can print directly on each printer. Print requests can ask for a type, and the LP print service uses this type to match jobs to printers. Most printers can print two types of files:

  The same type as the printer type (for example, PS for PostScript)
  The type simple (an ASCII file)

Some printers can accept and print several types of files. You can specify the names of the content types as a list. Table 11-4 lists some common file content types for local printers.

Table 11-4 Common File Content Types for Local Printers

Type Description
any Accepts any file content type
cif Output of BSD cifplot
daisy Daisy wheel printer
dmd DMD
fortran ASA carriage control format
otroff Cat typesetter instructions generated by BSD or pre-System V troff (old troff)
plot Plotting instructions from Tektronix displays and devices
PS PostScript language
raster Raster bitmap format for Varian raster devices
simple ASCII file
tex DVI format files
troff Device-independent output from troff

NOTE:  If you specify more than one printer type, you must specify simple as one of the content types.

Content type names may look like printer names, but you are free to choose content type names that are meaningful to you and the users of the printers. You use the following command to specify the file content type:

lpadmin -p printer-name -I file-content-type

The content types to use for a Solaris 2.x print client are any, simple, and PS. If you omit the content type, the default is any, which filters files on the print server. The type PS filters files on the client.

Table 11-5 lists the printer type and content type for frequently used PostScript printers.

Table 11-5 Frequently Used PostScript Printers

Manufacturer Model
Apple Personal LW II
LaserWriter IINT
LaserWriter IINTX
Canon BJ-10
Epson all
GammaData System300
Hewlett Packard II, IIP, IID
Mitsubishi Electric G650
Pacific Rim Data Sciences
QMS PS 410
PS 810
Raster Graphics ColorStation
Seiko 5504
Sharp JX-730
Shinko CHC-635
Talaris/Ricoh 1590, 1590-T
Talaris/Xerox 2492-B
Talaris 2090
Talaris/Olympus 3093
Tektronix Phaser DXN Phaser SXS
Versatec 8836 C25xx series
CE3000 series 7000
series V-80 series
8200 series 8500
series CADMate
series 8600 series
8900 series

NOTE:  The name simple means ASCII file, and any means any file content type. Be sure to use them consistently. The name terminfo is reserved as a reference to all types of printers.

All printers in Table 11-5 are either PS or PSR. PS prints a banner page first, and prints the document from front to back. PSR reverses the pagination, printing the pages in reverse order, with the banner page last. File content type is PS for all these models.

Table 11-6 lists additional non-PostScript printers and shows the printer type to use for configuring each printer. The file content type is simple for all these printers.

Table 11-6 Non-PostScript Printers

Printer Printer Type
Daisy daisy
Datagraphix datagraphix
DEC LA100 la100
DEC LN03 ln03
DECwriter decwriter
Diablo diablo
Epson 2500 variations epson2500
Hewlett Packard HPCL printer*hplaser
IBM Proprinter ibmproprinter

*New in this edition

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