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Who Is the Intended Audience?
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PostgreSQL is one of the most successful open source projects available. It is arguably also the most advanced, with a wide range of features that many closed-source databases may not attain.

This book is intended to be a practical guide to PostgreSQL v7.1.x, although most of the book should apply to earlier and future releases of PostgreSQL. The content lets you get comfortable with PostgreSQL in the most expedient fashion. Although we will touch on some academic database subjects, discussion will be kept brief. Our core focus is to provide the reader with enough understanding of PostgreSQL to create a fully operational PostgreSQL database. Our hope is that by introducing this book to the community, we will provide a better understanding of PostgreSQL and its associated functionality.

Who Is the Intended Audience?

This book is for anyone interested in utilizing the PostgreSQL database-management system. The reader should be familiar with Linux- and UNIX-based systems, but is not expected to be a database guru. Also, as with most Linux- and UNIX-based systems, the tasks in this book that apply to Linux should apply to most UNIX variants without much modification.